Friday, January 13, 2017

GTFO: Fantastic Opt-Out Lists and where to find them. - Guest Blog by @da5ch0

Getting your information removed from the places bad guys and creeps are most likely to get it from.

Cultivated and written by my #HumanZoo brethren

January 2017 Edition: ----------------------------------------- General Data Brokers / Stalker Sites: (Instructions on site, fax ID, preferably with photo, signature, ID number and issue/expiry dates blurred/covered, or snail mail it in) (you will need to provide ID here, as well, like with Intelius, and often snail mail an ID copy) (partial optout) DMA (direct mailer) optout: Adding your # to Do Not Call List: 1.888.382.1222 1.866.290.4236 (TTY) Bank optouts:
BOA: 1.888.341.5000
Citibank: 1.888.214.0017
JP Morgan Chase: 1.888.868.8618
Wells Fargo:
While logged into a secure session at , online banking customers can select Account Services -> Change Privacy Preferences to opt out or call 1.888.528.8460 Mail/fax opt out instructions for CIS Nationwide: (This company controls loads of search/creeper/stalker sites, listed at ) Opting out of credit preapproval communications and sharing: Student (K-12 and college students) FERPA optouts:
You will usually have to request a FERPA Opt Out form from the school, fill it out as necessary (making a copy for your own records) and have them place it in your "student file." This is basically a note for secretaries at the school to know that you don't want them to tell inquirers your directory information, which includes name, address, phone numbers, dates of attendance, degrees received, and often some health information including height/weight or other personal details. With the FERPA opt out on file, the details should only then be provided to legitimate employers or law enforcement, or at your request. Paid privacy service, DeleteMe: Paid privacy service, Privacy Duck: Michael Bazztel's book: Hiding From the Internet: World Privacy Forum page on Credit Freezes: (They also have numerous other articles that can be helpful, though a lot of their opt out lists contain a lot of now-dead links or which redirect to new owners' unrelated sites)

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