Thursday, January 19, 2017

United You Fail.

Dear United, 

Since I'm running out of ways to reach someone that,

A. Understands my problem
B. Cares even a little

I'm taking it to the interwebs at large with hope that someone see's the insanity in this. There are bigger fights in the world, to be sure. But this just a matter of principle.

Back in May of 2016, I booked a flight on line to Minneaplois, MN. Confirmation number REDACTED. Later, I had to cancel that flight as my company trip was cancelled. I received a credit on that confirmation number in the amount of $724. 

On January 4th, 2017, I called the United Reservation line to redeem that credit for a trip I am taking with my family. 3 travelers in all. Myself, my wife, and my 18 month son. Here is where things went horribly and frustratingly wrong. 

During my first phone call with a United agent, they booked 2 tickets, one for my wife and one for my son, but completely forgot to book a ticket for me. These tickets were booked under the confirmation number REDACTED.

After checking the emailed itinerary and seeing the mistake, I called the United Reservation Line a second time. They then issued me my ticket under my previous trips confirmation number. However, they did not put my seat next to my family as i had requested, and they assured me they had, so that was a whole other headache. 

On January 17th 2017, while checking reservations I realized the United Agent had made another mistake. The last leg of our return flight home had me on a completely different flight from my family, which was a mistake made by the United Agent. 

When I called back to get the situation rectified, bounced around a few times by the way, the first agent who I spent 10 minutes with describing my issue, simply bounced me somewhere else. Dirty pool.  I was told there was now a $140 fare difference that I would now have to pay because 2 weeks had already gone by and that resulted in a price increase. I argued the point fervently, this was a mistake made by United Agents and yet i was being penalized for it. 

The reason given for being forced to pay the fare difference was the United Agents insisted that since i booked my trip online, this was my fault. While my initial work trip flight back in May had been booked online, the ensuring phone calls/reservations had been made directly with a United Agent. These mistakes were the sole fault of your employees. They also failed to tell me that my confirmation number had now been changed again and my seats had been moved, forcing me to go back into the reservation portal to make sure I was seated next to my wife and infant son. 

So far I have been unable to get anyone on the phone or on social media to actually listen to what i've had to say. I'm hoping this post gets someones attention. I've been a faithful United customer for a few years, always espousing how wonderful the customer service has been before, during and after my flights. Why this has gone so horribly wrong I have no idea, but I'd like to speak to someone to get it rectified. This is no way to treat the people who pay good money to fly with you. 

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